Monday, July 14, 2014

It's All About Me!

A few years ago I started an All About Me album as a challenge on a (now defunct) digital scrapbook site.  It actually closed in the middle of the project so I started my own.  That site also closed so the project never finished.  Interest in the topic popped up again on a Project Life Facebook group that I belong to so I posted my list there and someone suggested I post it outside of FB too so here I go.  You can see some of the pages I made by following the P52 label (or try this link P52).  Since I started the project on one site there are pages I did that are not on my list.  That project was pretty random and when I was designing it for the second site, I wanted something more linear - not just a bunch of non-related (but admittedly fun) pages about myself but rather an unfolding of my life that my kids might not otherwise know about..

Anyway, here is my list.  It isn't complete because it was supposed to be Project 52 and ended up being Project 14 but I do have more ideas so maybe I'll flesh that list out.  It is fun to go back and read the things I thought just 4 years ago so I imagine my kids would really like it in 20 years.

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