Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching up on my P52 layouts at My Life and Scrap

Well, I was a bit behind but I am all caught up now. And I am reposting my Embarrassing layout because I have heard that it wasn’t legible in the other post.

First off I did a cover page. I got a coupon from Scraps ‘n Pieces for printing at Persnickity Prints and since the prices were better than Costco with the coupon and there was free shipping, I ordered all of the pages of J1’s book that I had completed and 8 x 8 prints of my P52 layouts. I was a bit nervous since I hadn’t heard anything about Persnickity but I have to say, the prints were so awesome. The paper was really thick and wonderful and the layouts looked great. I will definitely order from there again. So anyway, since I printed some of my P52 layouts and put them in an album I decided I needed a cover page. Below the title I have some biographical info so it won’t look so empty in my actual album.

Here is my Embarrassment layout again for those interested in actually reading what I wrote. :)

Next we had to write about where we grew up:

And then my job - the prompt was "what do you tell people when they ask you about your job" and I always say my profession rather than say "a mom" so that's what I wrote about.
And next was the things we like about ourselves. For this one, I sat down and wrote out everything I could come up with and then did the layout. They are random things but I do appreciate all of them. You should try it sometime - it is nice to focus on the positive things about yourself, even if some of them are silly.

Next we have to write about our most memorable birthday. This one is hard for me because I just don’t remember anything super remarkable about any. I mentioned it to the mister and he was a bit offended since he set up a nice surprise at a fancy renovated hotel in Eastern Oregon one year and he also mentioned my 30th birthday which my mom and sister made special. And both of those were great so I don’t know why I didn’t think of either. All I could think of was that I never had a surprise party, no one threw me a fancy sweet 16, I never had a huge bowling party or anything like that – all the things I *think* would make a birthday memorable. I guess I need to rethink my fantasy criteria and focus on real life so stay tuned for that. Oh and D - if you did something fabulous for me that I am not remembering - don't be offended - apparently I have a mental block!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meant to Be – a fun and funky love kit!

Look at this fabulous kit from The Scrappy Kat. It is called Meant To Be and I just love it! Pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations and throw in the lime and blue and I’m a happy girl! And the birds and robots are just the cutest too. I will be making more pages with this kit because there are fabulous frames, string and doodles I haven’t used yet! This was also a collab with Scraps by Andrea so make sure you pick up both parts! I still need to get Andrea’s part – can’t wait!


Here is my first layout – I did this for the desktop challenge in the Stuff to Scrap forums – plus it is on my computer so I get to admire it all month! I always have to make my own desktop since my monitors are 1440 x 900 and you don’t find many of those as freebies.

February 1440 x 900  Desktop - Page 002

My second layout was done for the Random Challenge – the task this month was to do a layout highlighting something we are geeky about. Mine is Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I have loved since it came on the air. Don't knock it until you have seen it!

The Scrappy Kat - Meant to Be - Page 001

And the Designer Darling contest is in the final week now and the assignment is to make a full kit, the designer-hopeful picks the theme and colors. There will be many free full-kit downloads so make sure you are signed up for the forums so you can get them. There are a few done already and they are so great!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

All My Love Quick Page Freebie

Growing Pains Scrapped has a new kit going into the store called All My Love – it is a beautiful kit with the best papers! I just love papers and this kit delivers great ones. Check out the preview:

GPS_AML_Full preview

You can also get the cardstock and glitter add on

GPS_AML_cardstock preview

Here is my layout – just a cute pic of J2 that I took so my sister could see him wearing the t-shirt she got for J1 back in the day.

GPS - All My Love

I made this into a quick page – without the words around the edge. I also included the word art in the download.

All My Love Preview Page - Page 001

:: download here ::

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Monday, February 8, 2010

First Crush – such an awesome kit!!

I totally love this kit from Scraps of Ellay called (of course) First Crush! The colors are so fun and you’ve just gotta see all the great papers – they will blow you away. Remember all the funny things we used to write in our pee chees in junior high (or maybe high school)? TLF, TLA, I {heart} (insert random name here) – you get the idea – they are all in this kit. And for those I went to school with, I still have some of the slam books we made over at Kodiak Junior High so beware! Oh, and there are sparkles in the kit – my favorite – and metal – a new favorite. So go pick it up in the store and check out the matching cardstock and glitter while you are there.


Here are some layouts I did with it. This is from the day J1 started crawling, exactly 7 months after he was born! Everyone said he would be 8 or 9 months before he was crawling but no such luck. The main reason I would have been happy if it had been later was because we were headed for the mister’s cousin’s ranch and it was not at all baby proofed. Oh well, it all worked out pretty well in the end – or at least that is how my mommy memory remembers it. :)

First Crush #1 - Page 021

And just some fun shots of him playing and bathing. I loved that table and I am now passing it on and it makes me a bit sad since both my boys loved it too. But at least I am giving it to my friend so maybe I can visit it again. :)

First Crush #2 - Page 022

Oh, don’t forget, there are many, many great challenges going on this month over at Stuff to Scrap so be sure to go check them out in the forum. I think my favorite one this month is the Random Challenge where we are all going to admit our Geeky sides – that is, do a page about something you are crazy passionate about. It may be a TV show, a TV or movie genre, a video game, a book series, the possibilities are endless. I know what I should do my layout on, I am just trying to decide if I am brave enough to confess! Here’s a hint: it is about vampires but has nothing to do with Twilight (although if I am being honest, that one runs a close second).

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Life

There is a challenge going on in the Stuff to Scrap forums called {My Life} with the aim to help you complete your yearly project (P365, P52, Monthly Roundup, etc) - the goal of these projects is to capture your daily life, not just the big moments. With that challenge in mind, Scraps ‘n Pieces made this lovely kit called (not surprisingly) My Life. It was a collab with Nibbles Skribbles and you need to pick up both kits because they are awesome. If you head to Scraps ‘n Pieces blog right now you can get a coupon that is good on both kits plus some CT Freebies. The coupon is good until the end of the month but I don’t know how long the freebies will be up so you’d better hurry!


I did two layouts – both for challenges. The first one was done for the font challenge. Although My Life doesn’t look like a Fourth of July kit, it actually worked perfectly. There are so many great papers and elements, it can work for many different layouts. This is another two page layout for J1’s book. I am making progress – this is obviously July but I did skip 2 or 3 2-page layouts earlier in the year since I would like the pictures and the kits to actually work together! I love this picture of J1 checking out the grass – shows his “Mr. Serious” side which was such a big part of his personality back then.

My Life #1 - Page 019

This one was done for the template challenge. It is a great template and available for download in the forums. It was hard for me – making these pictures so small. I always want to show off my boys but it is good to try scrapping outside my norm – I think it makes me a better scrapper and keeps my pages interesting. Well, that’s my story anyway. And I so love this cream paper with blue flowers – so lovely!

My Life #2 - Page 020

Aren’t the papers awesome – nothing sells me on a kit more than paper! That is probably why I have 18 tons of paper for traditional scrapping in my craft room now that I think about it. At least digital papers don’t take up any physical space.

Also, the Designer Darling competition is still going at on Stuff to Scrap with tons of freebies every week. If you haven’t checked it out, now is a great time!

I Heart You Brag Book Freebie Blog Train

The CT of Manda’s Scrappin’ Creations teamed up to bring you a Valentine’s Day brag book using her beautiful kit I Heart You – with just enough time for you to make a brag book for someone you love!


Here are my bragbook pages:

MSC Blog Train Preview - Page 002

Here is the entire train in case you didn’t start at Manda’s page. Make sure to leave some love for everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day early!

Manda's Scrappin' Creations
Adriana's Cafe
Kerry's Scraps <---- you are here
Rainamoon Scraps
Every EverAfter Moment
Scraps by Scrappingirl
Super Scrappin' Mom
Christie's Digi World
Sweet Creations
Come Scrap With Me

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grand Opening Extravaganzas

Well, there are two great grand openings I think you should know about. The first is for A+ Designs who just opened up over at Gotta Pixel – a great site. All of Mel’s kits are on sale now through February 7th – you have to get over there and pick some up! (flyer is linked) Also, if you make it over there today (Tuesday) it is $1.00 Pixel day and 4 of Mel's kits are only $1.00!!


The second one is for Mad Genius Designs, Little Red Scraps, Red Genius Enterprises and Altered Sea – they are all having a Grand Opening Sale over at Digi Scraps Drive-In.


And what’s great is that you can buy a bit from each of them and get a free grab bag to boot! Here are details of the sale and the links to their stores:

You get 25% off a minimum 2.99 purchase – the discount will show at checkout.
With a 1.99 minimum spend across the stores, you will get a free grab bag with 8 previously unreleased products (including some CU!).

Mad Genius Designs
Little Red Scraps
Red Genius Enterprises
Altered Sea

While you are there, check out the new collab from Little Red Scraps and Altered Sea – it is called Mommyhood and it is just lovely.


In my quest to get J1’s first year album done, here are two more layouts for that book using this kit. And yes, I randomly took pictures of him at any moment and sometimes put him in different outfits and snapped more pictures. Poor J2 – I have never done such things with him. Good thing I have started his therapy fund already! LOL – sucks to be the second child – I should know since I am one!

LRS - Mommyhood #1 - Page 015

Now I have made a layout with these pictures before but they were 12 x 12 and not for J1’s book so deal with it! :)

LRS - Mommyhood #2 - Page 016

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Quick Page Freebie

It’s time again for a freebie quick page. Hopefully you were able to get the whole kit Happy from Growing Pains Scrapped. If you missed it, you can get it in her store at Stuff to Scrap!

Here is the preview again:

GPS_Happy Element preview

And my quick page (click to download)

GPS Happy Preview Page

Thanks for stopping by!

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