Friday, December 4, 2009

I just love A Warm Cup of Cocoa

Okay, that isn’t just a cheesy line to tell you about Growing Pains Scrapped’s new kit although it does that too. I am not a coffee or tea drinker so my hot beverages are limited to hot cocoa and apple cider. As I sit at my desk and work on the computer, I am cold nearly year round – my nail beds turn blue my hands get so cold! Luckily the boys seem to enjoy my freezing hands on their backs. :) I have coats slung over the gate around my desk and fingerless gloves to wear so I can still type. In the winter I *can* drink hot cocoa every day but try to limit it to a couple times per week – I also use milk so I get at least some nutritional value. Anyway, on to the awesome new kit – check it out.

GPS_AWCC_Full preview

For some reason when I was making layouts with this kit, I was loving the monochromatic look so here are my layout:

This is J2 at Gramma’s when we were picking pumpkins out of her garden:

A Warm Cup of Cocoa #1 - Page 002

This next one is my dad sleeping with J2 last winter. I love these pictures and have made 3 layouts with them so far!

A Warm Cup of Cocoa - Page 002

I think I will make the top layout into your quick page freebie coming next week but I haven't decided yet. Maybe I’ll make a brand new layout just for fun – stay tuned and see.

The release schedule for the kit is papers Friday (today really), elements Saturday, alpha Sunday and quick pages Monday. After that, you can pick it up in the store at Stuff to Scrap. While you are there you should check out the retirement sale going on – there are over 120 products set for retirement. There are some awesome kits and I only saw a couple that were over $1 and even those were a screaming deal – what are you waiting for??

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  1. ohhhh cute!! I think there are shots of Dad with most of my kids too!