Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10-10-10 at DSDI and a Speed Scrap

Today kicks off the 10-10-10 event at DSDI. To kick off the holiday season and to wrap up 2010 they are having a 10-10-10 event. It runs from today through December 10th – so it will be over before you get too busy with holiday stuff. Every day there will be a different challenge having to do with a list of 10 things – 10 favorite memories, the top 10 current events, your 10 best pictures – you get the idea. The first one is to scrap what you consider to be your 10 Best Songs of 2010; it doesn’t have to be songs released in 2010, just songs you enjoyed in 2010. Hopefully I can think of a few that aren’t kid’s songs but, sadly, most of them will probably be from Snacktime by the Barenaked Ladies! What a fun way to wrap up 2010 - with a set of pages that reflect what was going on this year. And there are prizes!

There is also a speed scrap tomorrow, December 2 at 9pm EST, with a kit as a participation prize.

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