Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strawberry Fields - a very yummy kit!

I got to play with Strawberry Fields by Nibbles Skribbles this week. I was drawn to this kit right away because of the great colors. Finding pictures to use was harder because most of my digital pictures feature the boys and their oranges, blues and greens! Don't forget to check out her entire store while you are there - all her kits are great! I already own a bunch - Kites & Bikes, Tutti Frutti, Rainy Days and Take a Dip. I have my eye on a bunch more - Date It, Flutterby, Summer Sparkle and a bunch of her templates. I love templates - they are my latest obsession!

The first layout I made is me and my sister back in the salad days. She is blonde but we are not sure why. Can't blame it on the mailman because they only have post office boxes where we grew up. No milk delivery either. I guess now that my youngest son is pretty blonde, we have to admit that it runs in the family somewhere!

The second is my boys eating strawberries in our backyard. J2 loves to eat spoils from our garden. He is good about only picking and eating the red ones. When J1 was younger he would pick all of them, green included. Made the mister so angry!

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