Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Drive

Who doesn't like a Sunday drive? When we were little, my sister and I would go on these long drives with our parents - just driving. Not sure they ever had a destination in mind or maybe I just don't remember. My dad had a truck with a canopy and he would put a really thick foam mattress in the back and we would hang out back there - this was before seat belts were mandatory of course! I don't remember much from those trips, just snippets really, but the memories are mostly happy, green-filled images - Alaska is very, very green in the summer.

This week, in my *job* as a creative team member for the Stuff to Scrap site, I got to scrap using a kit by Manda's Scrappin' Creations called Sunday Drive. Here is the preview or you can see it in the store; also check out her blog to see what else she has going on.

Here is the first layout I made with J1 in the mister's "fancy" car - can't believe the mister *allowed* J1 to even touch it, let alone sit in it!

The second one is for my bff D who likes baby toes more than just about anything else - maybe even chocolate!

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