Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DSDI Good Stuff

So in July at DSDI we are having speed scraps every day! The times vary so hopefully everyone can make it to a few.


All times are EDT in case you didn’t see that part. I’m hosting the one on the 7th so make sure to come to that! It is at 3 PST and I’ll be at my dad’s house. The boys and I are ditching the mister at home and heading to visit my sister, nephews, niece, dad and step-mom. Just for a couple of days though. We just got back from the weekend in Bend with my bff and some other families and are leaving again!

Also, the daily download starts on Wednesday the 7th this month – Jewel (the Queen) of Mad Genius Designs is going on vacation and since she is The Queen, the download starts early. :) She teamed up with Karen from Snickerdoodle Designs and the kit looks just awesome.


And our July challenges are in full swing so make sure to head over there and get started!

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