Monday, February 8, 2010

First Crush – such an awesome kit!!

I totally love this kit from Scraps of Ellay called (of course) First Crush! The colors are so fun and you’ve just gotta see all the great papers – they will blow you away. Remember all the funny things we used to write in our pee chees in junior high (or maybe high school)? TLF, TLA, I {heart} (insert random name here) – you get the idea – they are all in this kit. And for those I went to school with, I still have some of the slam books we made over at Kodiak Junior High so beware! Oh, and there are sparkles in the kit – my favorite – and metal – a new favorite. So go pick it up in the store and check out the matching cardstock and glitter while you are there.


Here are some layouts I did with it. This is from the day J1 started crawling, exactly 7 months after he was born! Everyone said he would be 8 or 9 months before he was crawling but no such luck. The main reason I would have been happy if it had been later was because we were headed for the mister’s cousin’s ranch and it was not at all baby proofed. Oh well, it all worked out pretty well in the end – or at least that is how my mommy memory remembers it. :)

First Crush #1 - Page 021

And just some fun shots of him playing and bathing. I loved that table and I am now passing it on and it makes me a bit sad since both my boys loved it too. But at least I am giving it to my friend so maybe I can visit it again. :)

First Crush #2 - Page 022

Oh, don’t forget, there are many, many great challenges going on this month over at Stuff to Scrap so be sure to go check them out in the forum. I think my favorite one this month is the Random Challenge where we are all going to admit our Geeky sides – that is, do a page about something you are crazy passionate about. It may be a TV show, a TV or movie genre, a video game, a book series, the possibilities are endless. I know what I should do my layout on, I am just trying to decide if I am brave enough to confess! Here’s a hint: it is about vampires but has nothing to do with Twilight (although if I am being honest, that one runs a close second).

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