Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching up on my P52 layouts at My Life and Scrap

Well, I was a bit behind but I am all caught up now. And I am reposting my Embarrassing layout because I have heard that it wasn’t legible in the other post.

First off I did a cover page. I got a coupon from Scraps ‘n Pieces for printing at Persnickity Prints and since the prices were better than Costco with the coupon and there was free shipping, I ordered all of the pages of J1’s book that I had completed and 8 x 8 prints of my P52 layouts. I was a bit nervous since I hadn’t heard anything about Persnickity but I have to say, the prints were so awesome. The paper was really thick and wonderful and the layouts looked great. I will definitely order from there again. So anyway, since I printed some of my P52 layouts and put them in an album I decided I needed a cover page. Below the title I have some biographical info so it won’t look so empty in my actual album.

Here is my Embarrassment layout again for those interested in actually reading what I wrote. :)

Next we had to write about where we grew up:

And then my job - the prompt was "what do you tell people when they ask you about your job" and I always say my profession rather than say "a mom" so that's what I wrote about.
And next was the things we like about ourselves. For this one, I sat down and wrote out everything I could come up with and then did the layout. They are random things but I do appreciate all of them. You should try it sometime - it is nice to focus on the positive things about yourself, even if some of them are silly.

Next we have to write about our most memorable birthday. This one is hard for me because I just don’t remember anything super remarkable about any. I mentioned it to the mister and he was a bit offended since he set up a nice surprise at a fancy renovated hotel in Eastern Oregon one year and he also mentioned my 30th birthday which my mom and sister made special. And both of those were great so I don’t know why I didn’t think of either. All I could think of was that I never had a surprise party, no one threw me a fancy sweet 16, I never had a huge bowling party or anything like that – all the things I *think* would make a birthday memorable. I guess I need to rethink my fantasy criteria and focus on real life so stay tuned for that. Oh and D - if you did something fabulous for me that I am not remembering - don't be offended - apparently I have a mental block!

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